Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Bye, Coach

"Thank you," will never be enough.  In just one semester he has done so much for me, for the women's team, and for the entire cross country program as a whole.  He is responsible for getting me running again and, most of all, giving me hope.  For weeks, months, no one could help me.  No one believed in me.  "Choose another sport," I was told.  "I can't do anything else for you."  No one stuck by my side.  He never gave up on me.  Next season, I will live up to his expectations.   I will show him how invaluable his time with me was.  I will miss him greatly. 

Thanks, Coach.  You may never know how much you have given us. 

Workout today:

1 set 15 reps in gym
Abs (100 of these crazy ones with a weight ball)
8 minute walk warm-up
5 minute run, 1 minute rest (repeat for 43 minutes total)

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