Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Progress and Paintings

Yesterday I ran four miles on the treadmill!  Well, I am still run/ walking, but I covered some ground.  After an eight minute walking warm up, I ran for four minutes at eight minute pace, walked two minutes, ran four, and continued the sequence for just over forty minutes total.  Even though I feel horribly out of running shape, running more than I walked is a great mental boost.

Although I am making progress, my coach still advised me not to run on the trails at home.  I understand completely, but I had to ask so I would not be as tempted to run when I get there.  I do not want to push it.  I will ramble instead. 

On a side note, I was given my next painting assignment today (my major is in the art field), which requires me to abstract some sort of space.  A number of the paintings will be large scale and others will be miniature.  All of the paintings should relate to each other in some way.  I was inspired by the work of Lilan Garcia-Roig.


Take the time to look at her works under the Florida category.  Stunning!  Be sure to check out the images of the details.  How amazing is the texture?  And the color!  I am going to photograph scenes of my Cross Creek so that I can attempt something similar back in the school’s studio. 


In just a few days I will be homebound!  Detours to Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ home and gravesite are a definite possibility for this trip.

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