Sunday, March 10, 2013

Look What Came Today!

A few weeks back, I wrote a little piece for the Florida Trail Magazine.  It includes a few images of my paintings (two very recent ones and one from a painting class in college).  Today it arrived in my mailbox! 
I wrote how running cross country and finding Florida's parks and preserves has given me a home in Florida, but has also made my new location my home.   It was nice to finally get that written down. 
Thank you to the Florida Trail Association for allowing me to share a little bit of why I love natural Florida.  I hope that others can connect with it in some way, as many of us who call Florida our home were not born in the state.  I believe that we have made ourselves Floridians. 


  1. That's exciting! I wrote something regarding our thru hike but it was turned down---too long! I'm a bit wordy. ;) Look forward to reading it when ours comes in the mail!

  2. Oh, I can be very wordy, too :) I usually write twice as much as I need just to get the thoughts out. Then I remove all of the unnecessary parts. It would be hard to shorten a story about your hike, though!

  3. I just received the FTA magazine and enjoyed your 2011 oil painting. Would you be willing to do a reproduction? if interested please contact me at