Saturday, November 12, 2011


The Plan:

I am turning twenty two a few days after Thanksgiving when I am back at school finishing up the semester.  During the short holiday break, I plan to celebrate by doing my favorite things.  One of the best ways to celebrate is to run.  A lot.

The last time I tried this crazy idea, I was turning twenty and itching for an excuse to complete twenty miles.  So, I did it.  Usually I completed my long training runs before my morning classes, which always presented me with the interesting task of getting out of my seat at the end of the hour.

Anyway, over Thanksgiving break, I headed out to the Starkey Park bike path and put in twenty miles in just under three hours.  It was exhilarating and easily the best run of my life at that point.  Naturally, I wanted to try twenty one miles the next year.  I was unable to run at all on my birthday, so I took a nice long walk in the woods instead.  It was enough just to be out there again.

Now, I am turning twenty two and ready to run.  I want to take on twenty two miles of trails (easier on the legs and hips than roads) with no specific goal time, although I still have an idea of around where I want to finish.  I aimed to run the twenty fast.  This time, I am more concerned about taking care of my body since the days when I couldn't run a step are still fresh in my mind.

I just want to run farther than I have before.  That's all.

Currently on my to-do list:

Buy GU! 
And work on a route that allows me to drop bottles of water

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