Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Few Steps Further

I am really starting to feel like a runner again.  So far this week I have run 21 miles and swam 1.5.  Just a few weeks ago it seemed like I was swimming as far as I ran, and it wasn't much. 

Yesterday, I made it out to Anastasia State Park.  Yes, the beaches are lovely (so much nicer than the stretch lined with hotels and huge buildings past the pier), but I am no longer a beach runner and I am not really complaining.  I would much rather lose myself on some hidden trail, so that is exactly what I did!  I probably only ran just a mile on the trails because I had to run to the park first, but it will hold me over until next time when I can drive out there.

(Photo from Here.)  The trail entrance is just steps into the park on the right hand side.

I wish I had taken my camera with me to show you what the trails are like.  All of the photographs on the park's website are of the beach and not the quarry, one of my favorite parts of the park.  There is some good history relating to that- I will let you explore.

(Photo from Here)

The park is open 8 AM to sundown year round.  They do charge admission, but I'm not sure how much it is because I typically am there without a car, and if I do bring one I park it down the street so I can get some running in around the outside and inside of the park.  These trails are not extensive, so you will have to do some road running if you want to get in a little distance.

Hopefully I will be back to Anastasia State Park in the next few days!

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