Monday, May 7, 2012


J.B. Starkey Wilderness Preserve- Serenova Tract

Florida is renowned for its beaches and stunning sunsets, however, I believe the lesser-known sunrises from central Florida deserve equal recognition.  For me, it is the all-encompassing nature of the rays by the time it strikes the tops of the pines and then falls to the scrub.  Out on the trails, the sunrise is not merely watched, but experienced.  Even while running through the densest of cypress strands, shafts of brilliant light will still catch me. 


After having been away from this part of the state for months, it is the light and the specific colors it produces that have struck me.  They vary slightly every morning, but I can always place my trust in their brilliance.

There is a sense of home in the warmth and overwhelming power of the color that I haven't found anywhere else.  Every time I return, I am even more struck by the beauty.  I hope that everyone is able to have a similar feeling about a treasured place of their own, and if not, I believe these sunrises can be even more beautiful when shared.



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  1. Yeah, the sun coming up over a foggy hammock is pretty cool. But its not often I see because I do need my sleep;)